Business Etiquette

Oshigoto rules: Exchanging business cards Part II

In our previous post, we have discussed the situation for exchanging business cards with one single person. However, it becomes more confusing in the case when you need to exchange business cards with more people. It can be quite tedious if you have to receive […]

Oshigoto rules: Exchanging business cards

  What are the must-have items for a business person? When you are meeting your business partners for the first time, a neat and smart self-introduction is one of the most important factors that could lead you to success in a business partnership. A proper […]

Oshigoto rules: Seating Arrangement

  When Japanese gather around, there is a basic rule about sitting in the correct seat orders, and it is called the sekiji (席次) . In sekiji, people of a higher status always sit on kamiza, whereas people of a lower status will sit on shimoza. However, do we […]

Oshigoto rules: Bowing

Some people greet by shaking hands, some by hugging, while some others by kissing. As for the Japanese, they have a unique way of greeting – by bowing. This particular manner of the Japanese is known as ojigi (おじぎ). Ojigi is indeed a basic yet […]