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Happy Saturday! Sorry we’ve been a little quiet lately as we were busy handling some policy changes, but today, we are back again to talk about another form of Japan’s traditional performing arts; Bunraku. (Bunraku Performane. Image © A For Radio) Bunraku is the more commonly […]


こんにちは! Hey, it’s Hana. In my first post I shared my little research on Kabuki. Today, I will be posting about another form of Japanese theatre called Noh. Noh (A Noh performance © www.japanesesymbolsofpresence.com) Noh is a form of theatre that has been performed since the […]

Japan’s Traditional Performing Arts – Kabuki

こんにちは! I am Hana, a new staff at Bunka Language School. Before working here, I was freelancing in the arts industry, doing playwriting as well as backstage work such as stage and production managing for various theatre and dance collectives. I love being able to […]

Enter The World Of “Your Name”

Ask any Japanese and they would tell you that the movie, 君の名は。(Your name) was the biggest hit in the theatres all summer. Contrary to what most would expect, there is actually a rather limited audience who would watch an anime film in Japan. Most people […]

The WHITE CAT PROJECT (白猫プロジェット shironeko project) Game Review

The WHITE CAT PROJECT (白猫プロジェット shironeko project) Game Review

こんにちは、みなさんー! While everyone else around the world is catching Pokemon, we are extremely excited to bring to you one of Japan’s most popular mobile games! It has been running for 2 years now, and still tops the charts as one of the most downloaded apps […]

The “Secret” Manga Series

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