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Japanese Slang – Part I

Japanese Slang – Part I

When we learn a language, it’s always best to play safe and use words we have already learned. As we have learned in our lessons, the word “とても” (totemo) means ‘very’. Naturally, we use the word for every single adjective we know. For example: この ラーメンは とても おいしいです。 […]

JLPT-ed, what’s next?

Hey friends of BUNKA! For those who have attended the JLPT on December 4, 2016, let’s celebrate that it is now finally over! No matter whether it was as easy as a breeze, or it went beyond control, let’s just put it all behind us. […]

What interests you?

Many of our students started to learn the Japanese language for various reasons such as travel, culture, food, job, anime and manga. Some questions that are always on our minds are as follows: How can we sustain your interest in learning the language? Is there […]

What you can do daily to improve your Japanese language skills

If you have read our post “10 reasons why you should study Japanese” (http://www.bunkalang.com/blog/10-reasons-why-you-should-study-japanese/),  you would know that we shared reasons why one should learn the Japanese language. The “Why” question is important because that is the factor that  drives you; motivates you; and inspires […]

Journey to JLPT N1 : An interview with Caitlyn

Q: Why did you decide to start learning the Japanese language? A: This is pretty embarrassing, but probably true for many who started off in secondary school like I did. In primary school, my classmates introduced me to anime, and I was hooked. (Any One […]

SkillsFuture Credit

Great news for all Singaporeans aged 25 and above! The SkillsFuture Credit, a $500 credit given to individuals to support them in taking control of their lifelong learning journey, will start in January 2016. You will receive a letter soon informing you how to activate […]

10 Reasons Why You Should Study Japanese

2015 is wrapping up in a few days’ time. We hope that you have enjoyed your lessons in Bunka so far. Language learning is a lifelong journey and interest plays a very important part in sustaining one’s motivation. There is a saying that if you […]

5 secrets to learning the Japanese language

A common situation faced by Japanese language learners is that they often find themselves being able to read and write the language well, but when it comes to conversation, words don’t flow as easily as compared to understanding written Japanese. Why is this so? The […]