Exploring Denden Town in Osaka!

For any fans of anime or manga, surely they have heard of the two meccas of merchandise shopping: Akihabara or Ikebukuro. However, rarely do people talk about the Osaka equivalent of the two spots: Denden Town.

Denden Town is a small spot in Nipponbashi, Osaka. It’s about a twenty-minute walk from the prominent Dotonburi (you know, the “Glico Pocky Man”?) and a ten-minute walk from the Nankai-Namba Station. Honestly, Denden Town is smaller than it seems, taking up only two streets.


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We have arrived!

Here at Denden Town, you can find prominent merchandise shops like Animate and countless game centres where there are crane machines which give you the opportunity to win “prize-limited” goods. However, as Japan has a much greater demand for these merchandise, you will also find many second-hand merchandise shops like Kbooks and Lashinbang here as well.

If it’s your first time at these second-hand merchandise shops, I would recommend that you head to Lashinbang first. Generally, Lashinbang sells goods at a lower price than Kbooks, although many of their goods can be found in crates and you will have to spend time digging through these crates for the goods that you want. Kbooks, on the other hand, is neater – organised along the lines of anime/manga/games.


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The shop sign

When I was in Japan, I managed to visit the Good Smile Company x Animate Cafe. At that time, it was the Osomatsu-san collaboration and it was a fantastic experience, which I definitely recommend to everyone if you have the time (and luck) to do so!

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Can you guess who’s my favourite character?

The cafe was Osomatsu-san themed, meaning that all the food on the menu was inspired by the characters and the decorations surrounding the cafe (even the toilet!) had screenshots of the anime pinned up. Items on the menu included “Todomatsu’s Girl Power Tapioca Strawberry Drink” and “Chibita’s Hybrid Oden”, making direct references to characters in the series. For every item that you ordered, you would be entitled to a free coaster. The food wasn’t outrageously expensive, around ¥500 for the drinks and ¥1000 for the food.

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Anime-themed oden

Here’s an interesting tidbit that I learnt when I visited the cafe! When one likes a particular anime series, there are bound to be characters that you’d like more than others, right? At the Animate Cafe, if you get a coaster/cafe goods of a character that you don’t like, you would put them at the side of the table. Other customers will walk around the cafe, looking at tables and they may come and approach you: “誰を 探していますか。交换しますか。 ”  (Who are you looking for? Are you looking for trades?) You may reply with the character that you want and engage in a trade with the person that approaches you. Of course, you’re welcome to approach others first if you’re feeling up to it!

This concludes my post today on Denden Town and I hope that you find it interesting! There’s always a first time for everything and if you haven’t been there before, why not try it out the next time you visit Japan?