Nihongo with Bunka

Textbook Covers

In conjunction with Bunka’s 30th Anniversary, we are pleased to introduce our new textbooks “Nihongo with Bunka”.

These books would have been impossible without the hard work and effort put in by our Academic Director, Ms Mizusaki Machiko, and her team comprising Mr Takatsuka Toshiro, Ms Shida Yuriko, Ms Namba Miho, Mr Kobayashi Tsutomu and Ms Nakaya Hitomi. The content is complemented by the cover design, layout and artwork contributed by Ms Billie Kan.

SN 03What is special about these books is that they incorporate practical application of the language in a day-to-day context. Students will get to learn a wide range of vocabulary that they can use immediately after each lesson.

Practice makesperfect and this is especially true for language learning. Students need to practise, practise, practise and do it so often that it becomes a natural part of them. Also, you will have fun practising with your friends in class!

We hope that you will like these books and enjoy the process of learning the language.
The Bunka Team
20 January 2016