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People in Japan: Cheryl

The name may not ring a bell but it’s time you know Kichijōji, as it is voted as one of the most desirable places to live in Tokyo. Here you will discover a variety of shopping facilities, restaurants and live houses. If you’re wishing for a […]

People in Japan: Akiko

Look no further if you’re searching for the best place to admire cherry blossoms. Located 28 kilometres away from the old castle town of Kawagoe, Satte might be the very place you’ve been dreaming of. From late March to early April, the city bursts with […]

People in Japan: Lydia

In the heart of the Kantō region, the summer heat is persistent. Kumagaya has earned itself a title of “one of the hottest cities in Japan” due to its record of high temperatures. It also has a slogan called “Atsuizo Kumagaya” that literally translates as […]

People in Japan: Shouta

Venture East of Tokyo and you will find beautiful terraced rice fields, fruit farms and possibly the best surfing spots in Japan. That’s right, we’re talking about Chiba,  which boasts of great nature and is popular among Tokyoites dying to escape the city life. After returning […]

People in Japan: Siao Shuen

Those travelling to Shinjuku would discover an array of towering buildings and massive amounts of human traffic. Unbeknown to many, beyond the crowds of people milling through the railway station lies the main campus of Waseda University. That’s where Siao Shuen is currently majoring in […]

People in Japan: Aya

To experience Shibuya is to look through a kaleidoscope. Here you watch cars blur into a sea of light and drown in excitement of Japan’s busiest district. What’s so special about Shibuya? Why is it strangely therapeutic to gaze upon the constant rapid movement of […]

Interview with Ms Hasegawa

Interview with Ms Hasegawa

When we first met Hasegawa-sensei, we thought our hearts would die of an overdose of sweetness. Born in Tokyo, she majored in communication studies and speaks fluently in English. We cannot stop to admire this placid disposition of hers – Hasegawa-sensei, please teach us the […]

Interview with Ms Kato

Interview with Ms Kato

The day before we sat down for an interview with Kato-sensei, we had a stroll in the vicinity of the school. Chancing upon an information board at the edge of a butterfly trail, there was a twinkle in Kato-sensei’s eyes as she asked, “where are […]