The “Secret” Manga Series

Manga Books

Do you like Manga? If you do, you can check out our library. These Manga books were donated by Gakken Holdings, a well-known publishing company in Japan. We sincerely thank them for donating the books.

These series reveal the “secrets” behind various topics:

For foodies, you might be interested to find out the secrets behind miso, gyudon (beef bowls) and cafeteria food.

For techies, you might be interested in the secrets behind satellite broadcasting, communications, solar cells and man-made satellites.

For pet lovers, you might be interested in the secret behind pet food.

And for fashion lovers, you might be interested in the secrets behind fashion.

These books are suitable for Intermediate level students and above. However, you still can borrow them even if you are an Elementary student. It will give you the motivation to work harder!

You can refer to our catalogue by clicking the following image:

The secret behind travelling

The catalogue will also be available on our blog. Check it out and we hope that this will add value to your learning.

Lastly, a big thank you to Caitlyn, one of our team member, for compiling the catalogue.

Joe Tan
The Bunka Team
7th Jan 2016