Regular Courses

Are you contented just to speak Japanese? Why not get a recognized certificate through our courses? Bunka Language Pte. School is registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE).


We plan our courses such that our students will cultivate an overall skill in the language when they graduate. We encourage students to get the world-wide recognized certificate, JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, held in Singapore too); we therefore lay special emphasis on the syllabus for JLPT.

Prepare now for JLPT held every December!

For those who have studied the language before, if you are unsure of which course to enrol in, our evaluation test can help you.

JLPT Levels N1, N2 and N3

Students at Pre-Advanced and Advanced levels are encouraged to take the JLPT Prep Classes.

JLPT Level N4

At the completion of Intermediate 4, students will have the necessary knowledge to take JLPT Level N4

JLPT Level N5

At the completion of Intermediate 2, students will have the necessary knowledge to take JLPT Level N5.

You will use our textbooks “Nihongo with Bunka” during the elementary course.

Note: All prices stated are inclusive of GST and accurate at the time of upload.


Elementary Course

What you will learn in three months

What time is the departure?
From what time to what time are your working hours?
How much does this apple cost?
The pencil is on the desk.
There are elephants in the zoo.
How many siblings do you have?
There is a vase on the shelf.
I am getting my tooth extracted at the dental clinic.
I am going to swim in the swimming pool.
I speak in English.
I do not work on Sundays.
I go to Karaoke.
I go to Japan with my friend.
I am not going by bus.
I am not going home.
I am going to make dinner at home.
I am going to drink coffee at the café.
How long are you going to be on leave?
Shall I call an ambulance?
I lack sleep every day.
I eat bread for breakfast.


Special Courses

Free Japanese Language i-new2c
Introductory Lesson

Attend this free 1.5hr lesson and let our teacher give you a brief introduction to the Japanese language. Learn simple words and phrases.

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Basic Business Japanese and Business Japanese i-new2c

Basic Business Japanese

To meet the needs of those busy business people who have not learnt the Japanese language before or have little knowledge of it but wish to study basic level Business Japanese as well as understand basic Japanese business protocol, culture and manners in the shortest possible time.

Business Japanese

This course will assist you in acquiring the proper business language and understanding of the unique and often complex culture of the Japanese business world.

Basic Business Japanese i-new2c
Venue Delfi Orchard
Fee S$180.00/ 4 sessions x 3 hrs
For those who have no or little Japanese language knowledge
Business Japanese
Venue Delfi Orchard
Fee S$350.00/16 sessions
For students who have at least a JLPT N2 or equivalent proficiency

– Enrolment fee is S$20.00 for new applicants (Also applicable to students after an absence of 1 year or more.)
– Payment by Cash, Cheque or NETS only
Fees paid are not refundable

JLPT Levels N5-N1 Preparatory Courses

Using our method “Nihongo with Bunka” in the regular courses you can be sure of passing the JLPT in a relatively short time!

Held Every July and December

The Japan Foundation and Association of International Education Japan have been administering the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) for non-native speakers since 1984 both in Japan and abroad including Singapore. This is the only test by which the proficiency of the students can be certified internationally.

Bunka Language Pte. School prepares and enrols students for the JLPT. They have achieved a high success rate.

Recommended for students who have studied Japanese for 8 months or more.

Customised In-House Training For Your Company

Choose the course according to your requirements
Choose the level according to your standards!

With SDF & WDA support.$2 per training hr subsidy for Elementary1-3 and Business Japanese (check out

Time and place at your convenience

Areas of application:
Business Communication
Retail Shops
Property Agents
Telephone Operators
Travel Agents
Banks and Finance

Some of Our Corporate Clients
AFPD Pte Ltd.
Economic Development Board
Japan Airlines
Matsushita Electronics (S) Pte Ltd.
Obayashi Singapore Pte Ltd.
Singapore Hilton Hotel
Singapore Tourism Board
Sony Electronics (S) Pte Ltd.
Yusen Air& Sea Service (S) Pte Ltd.

Japanese Language Training for JAL Cabin Crew.

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Please give at least one business day’s notice if you wish to cancel or change your lesson.
You will be charged for the cost of that lesson otherwise.