We have conducted In-house Training for the following clients

  1. AIG S.E. Asia Pte Ltd
  2. Aiwa Singapore Pte Ltd
  3. AFPD Pte Ltd
  4. Alkaff Mansion Pte Ltd
  5. AMETEX Singapore Pte Ltd
  6. All Nippon Airways Co Ltd
  7. Archive Singapore Pte Ltd
  8. Asahi Techno Vision Singapore Pte Ltd
  9. Asia Matsushita Electric Singapore Pte Ltd
  10. Asia Matsushita Logistic Co
  11. Asiana Consulting Pte Ltd
  12. Asian Electronic Technology Pte Ltd
  13. AVX Kyocera Singapore Pte Ltd
  14. Axcelis Technology Pte Ltd
  15. Bankers Trust Company
  16. Bandai Namco Studios Singapore Pte Ltd New
  17. Baring Security
  18. Biosensors International Pte Ltd
  19. Bluebell Trading
  20. BMG (S) Pte Ltd
  21. Brilliant Consultants Service Pte Ltd
  22. C.A.A.S. (Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore)
  23. Carlton Hotel Singapore
  24. Carsac Singapore Pte Ltd
  25. Center For Creative Leadership
  26. Chanel Pte Ltd
  27. Charles Jordan
  28. Chartered Precision Foundry Pte Ltd
  29. Citibank
  30. Club 21 Pte Ltd
  31. CMK Singapore Pte Ltd
  32. Colliers International Property Consultants Pte Ltd
  33. Contemporary Lubricants Pte Ltd
  34. Control IT Pte Ltd
  35. Creative Technology Ltd
  36. C.W.C. (Centre of Wireless Communications)
  37. Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia Pte Ltd
  38. Daiwa Asset Management (Singapore) Ltd
  39. Daiwa Singapore Ltd
  40. Delco Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
  41. Delphi Automotive System Singapore Pte Ltd
  42. Dentsu Singapore Pte Ltd
  43. Dikson Stores Pte Ltd
  44. Drew & Napier
  45. Economic Development Board
  46. EDF Trading Singapore Pte Ltd
  47. Elco Southeast Asia Pte Ltd
  48. Elect-Chemical & Electronics Pte Ltd
  49. Elsevier (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  50. Epson Pacific Singapore Pte Ltd
  51. Esprit Retail Pte Ltd
  52. Excellent Scientific Instruments Pte Ltd
  53. Excelsior Hotel
  54. Fave Nails
  55. FTD Solutions Pte Ltd
  56. Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals Pte Ltd
  57. Fujikura Asia Ltd
  58. Fujikura Technology Singapore Pte Ltd
  59. Fuji Trading Pte Ltd
  60. Fuji Xerox Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd
  61. Gatx Terminals Pte Ltd
  62. G. E. Medical Pte Ltd
  63. Giordano Original Singapore Pte Ltd
  64. Glamourette Management Services Pte Ltd
  65. Golden Beauty Pte Ltd
  66. Goodwood Park Hotel
  67. Gumi Asia Pte Ltd
  68. Guthrie Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
  69. Handicaps Welfare Association
  70. Harlow Ueda, Sassoon Singapore Pte Ltd
  71. Hewlett Packard Singapore Pte Ltd
  72. Hikari Automation Systems Pte Ltd
  73. Hitachi Aqua-Tech Engineering Pte Ltd
  74. Hitachi Elevator Asia Pte Ltd New
  75. Hitachi Asia Pte Ltd
  76. Hitachi Capital Singapore Pte Ltd
  77. Hitachi Nippon Steel Semiconductor (S) Pte Ltd
  78. Horiba Instruments(Singapore) Pte Ltd
  79. Hosiden Pte Ltd
  80. Hotel Imperial Singapore
  81. Hoya Magnetic (S) Pte Ltd
  82. Hoya Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd New
  83. Hwa Chong Institution (College)
  84. IBL Trading
  85. IBM Singapore Pte Ltd
  86. IHI Marine Engineering (S) Pte Ltd
  87. Imported Cosmetics & Perfumes Ltd
  88. Infineum Singapore Pte Ltd New
  89. Interhome Design Pte Ltd
  90. Institute of System Science, National University of Singapore
  91. Intercontinental Singapore
  92. IRS (S) Pte Ltd
  93. ISP Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  94. ITE Clementi
  95. ITE College West
  96. Itochu Petroleum Co (S) Pte Ltd
  97. Japan Airlines
  98. Japan Original Electric (S) Pte Ltd
  99. J. D. Edwards (S) Pte Ltd
  100. Jeco Pte Ltd
  101. JMS Singapore Pte Ltd
  102. J & N Cruise Pte Ltd
  103. J & R Bossini Fashion Pte Ltd
  104. J.T.C. (Jurong Town Corporation)
  105. Jurong Birdpark
  106. Jurong Country Club
  107. Jurong Crocodile Paradise Pte Ltd
  108. Jyoto Works Singapore Pte Ltd
  109. Kenwood Housing Agency Pte Ltd
  110. KES Systems & Service Pte Ltd
  111. Khattar Wong & Partners
  112. Kimisawa Supermarket (S) Pte Ltd
  113. Kim Poh Hong
  114. Kinokuniya Book Stores of Singapore Pte Ltd
  115. Koei Entertainment Singapore Pte Ltd
  116. Kokusai Electric Asia Pacific Co Ltd
  117. Kotobuki Restaurant New
  118. Kyowa Singapore Pte Ltd
  119. Land Transport Authority
  120. Leblong Makino Pte Ltd
  121. Lian He Bao Ltd
  122. Light Electronics Pte Ltd
  123. Link Boutique
  124. Litton Components Pte Ltd
  125. Louis Vuitton (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  126. Makino Asia Pte Ltd
  127. Management Development Institute of Singapore
  128. Matsushita Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
  129. Matsushita Kotobuki Electronics Industries (S) Pte Ltd
  130. Matsushita Technical Centre
  131. Mentor Graphics Co
  132. Merck Pte Ltd
  133. Merrill Lynch International Bank Ltd
  134. Metro Pte Ltd
  135. Misumi South East Asia Pte Ltd
  136. Mitsubishi Elevator(Singapore) Pte Ltd
  137. Mitsubishi Trust and Banking Corporation
  138. Montblanc Pte Ltd
  139. Moon Capital Singapore Pte Ltd
  140. Morgan Guaranty Trust Co
  141. Moultrie Pte Ltd
  142. MUJI (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  143. Muji Global Sourcing Pte Ltd New
  144. Mycom Singapore Pte Ltd
  145. Nadaman Restaurants, Shangri-la Hotel
  146. Nakano Singapore Pte Ltd
  147. National Semi-conductor Manufacturer (S) Pte Ltd
  148. NatSteel Electronics Ltd
  149. N.C.B. (National Computer Board)
  150. NEC Mobile Communications Development (S) Pte Ltd
  151. Nelco Products Pte Ltd
  152. Neptune Shipmanagement Service Pte Ltd
  153. Nife Power Systems Pte Ltd
  154. Nikko Asset Management Asia Ltd
  155. Nina Ricci Singapore Pte Ltd
  156. NMB Precision Tool & Die Pte Ltd
  157. NOK Precision Component Singapore Pte Ltd
  158. Nordea Investment Funds S.A Singapore Branch New
  159. NTT Singapore Pte Ltd
  160. Nubee Pte Ltd
  161. NU·U
  163. NYK Systems Research Institute
  164. Obayashi Singapore Pte Ltd
  165. Omron Managing Centre of Asia Pacific
  166. Orim Manufacturing Pte Ltd
  167. OSL Sinco Pte Ltd
  168. Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific Pte Ltd(PFSAP)
  169. Panasonic Semiconductor Asia Pte Ltd (PSCSG)
  170. Panasonic Industrial Devices Singapore New
  171. Parkway Group Healthcare Pte Ltd
  172. Paul Art Gallery
  173. Peninsula Hotel
  175. Perfumes of Singapore (Pte) Ltd
  176. Pfizer Clinical
  177. Pico Art International Pte Ltd
  178. Picture Tel Service Pte Ltd
  179. Porite Singapore (Pte) Ltd
  180. Prime Food
  181. Prime Transportation Pte Ltd
  182. Procter & Gamble Asia Pte Ltd
  183. P.S.A (Port of Singapore Authority)
  184. Quintiles East Asia Pte Ltd
  185. Raffles Hospital Pte Ltd
  186. Raffles Hotel, Singapore
  187. Regent Street Boutique Pte Ltd
  188. Risis Pte Ltd
  189. Rohm Electronic Asia Pte Ltd
  190. Rotary Club
  191. Ryosho Techno Singapore Pte Ltd
  192. Saferay Pte Ltd New
  193. Sanden International (S) Pte Ltd
  194. Sankyu (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  195. Sansui Contemporary Japanese Dinning & Bar
  196. Santoku BASF Pte Ltd
  197. Sanyo Energy (S) Pte Ltd
  198. Schroder Investment Management Ltd
  199. Seiko Instruments Singapore Pte Ltd
  200. Selangor Pewter Singapore Pte Ltd
  201. Service Quality Centre Pte Ltd
  202. Sentosa Resort & Spa
  203. Shangri-la Hotel Singapore
  204. Sheraton Towers
  205. Shimano Singapore Pte Ltd
  206. Shorisha marketing Pte Ltd
  207. Singapore Airlines
  208. Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) New
  209. Singapore Chemi-Con (Pte) Ltd
  210. Singapore Epson Industrial Pte Ltd
  211. Singapore Hilton Hotel
  212. Singapore Management University
  213. Singapore Oriental Motor Pte Ltd
  214. Singapore Paramount Hotel
  215. Singapore Ryosan Pte Ltd
  216. Singapore Tourism Board
  217. Singapore Zoological Gardens
  218. Singa Sanko Gosei Moulding Pte Ltd
  219. Sony Display Device (S) Pte Ltd
  220. Sony Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
  221. Sony Logistics Pte Ltd
  222. Sony Systems Design International Pte Ltd
  223. Starwood Customer Contact Centre (AP) Pte Ltd
  224. Steward Cross Pte Ltd New
  225. Suki Group of Restaurants
  226. Sumitomo Bakelite (S) Pte Ltd
  227. Sumitomo Electric International Singapore Pte Ltd
  228. Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  229. Suntec City Management Pte Ltd
  230. Taiyo Yuden (S) Pte Ltd
  231. Takata Asia Pte Ltd
  232. Tanaka Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
  233. Teijin Polycarbonate Singapore Pte Ltd
  234. Teleteck (Bracton Enterprise Pte Ltd)
  235. Temasek Holdings (Pte) Ltd
  236. The Export Institute, Singapore Trade Development Board
  237. The Long-Term Credit Bank Of Japan
  238. The Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel
  239. Tokyo Electronic Singapore
  240. Tokyo Electron Singapore Pte Ltd New
  241. Toshiba Electronics Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  242. Toshiba Machine S.E. Asia Pte Ltd
  243. Towa Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  244. Toyochem Ink Pte Ltd
  245. Toyo Ink Pan Pacific Pte Ltd
  246. Toyota Motor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
  247. Toyota Tsusho (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  248. Treetops Executive Residences Singapore
  249. Triumph International Singapore Pte Ltd
  250. True Colours make-up Art Cosmetics Pte Ltd
  251. Tsing Yi Enterprise Pte Ltd
  252. Tung Lok Group
  253. Uni-Jupiter Holding Singapore Pte Ltd
  254. UOB Kay Hian Pte Ltd
  255. USONYX Pte Ltd
  256. UTAC (USG 2)
  257. UTOC Engineering Pte Ltd
  258. Waterford Wedgwood Japan Ltd
  259. Westlake Eating House
  260. WPG International Ltd
  261. Yamaichi Merchant Bank Singapore Pte Ltd
  262. Yamari Singapore Pte Ltd
  263. Yamauchi Singapore Pte Ltd
  264. Yanmar Asia Singapore Corporation Pte Ltd
  265. Yusen Air & Sea Service (S) Pte Ltd