Bunka is grateful for all the support we have been shown over the years.
Please continue to keep your love for the Japanese language alive.

Here are a few words from the students at Bunka Language School

I love Japanese and through Bunka, I have been able to learn Japanese with ease. Bunka has helped me make learning Japanese fun.

(Marvin Yeo Yue Jun, E1)

Studying Japanese in Bunka has been an enjoyable experience. I’ve met many people who share the same interest and love I have for the Japanese language. Bunka teachers are especially engaging and very interactive with their students. It’s really fun learning Japanese at Bunka.

— (Mia Han, Int 2)

The school provides a good foundation in learning Japanese and the lessons are easy to digest. The teachers are very supportive and make the lessons much more interesting.

(Siti Safiah, PA3)

This year is my 11th year studying in Bunka Language School. To me, this is the best Japanese Language School in Singapore in terms of the quality of teachers and course structure.

(Alison Au, Biz Jap)

I was previously a student at Bunka and decided to come back to this school to pursue a business course, because I have confidence in their teaching style. With 26 years of experience, you cannot go wrong with this school

(Clara Lian, Biz Jap)

I am glad I have chosen the right school. After taking few lessons from Bunka Language School, I am able to say some greetings and can start simple conversation with my classmates.

(Lee Bee Lian Brenda, E1)

Studying the grammar structure and style of the Japanese language at Bunka was much more useful and fun than just memorizing sentences or phrases.

(Ben, E1)

Very enjoyable experience in Bunka, very interesting teacher who keeps on questioning us which allows us to think more and improve our Japanese. The classmates are very interactive with the teacher which makes the class even more exciting.I’m glad to find a place where I made new friends who share the same interests as me in Japanese language & culture.


Bunka Language School is a Japanese language school that is located at the heart of the town, Delfi Orchard. It’s just a 5 min walk from the Orchard MRT station. I took my Japanese lessons here. The teachers here are all from Japan, and are really dedicated, friendly and approachable. They also make the effort to make their lessons interesting, making the classroom environment a really conducive place to learn. The desks are put in a U-shape in class, which allows the teacher to walk in between to facilitate discussions.To me, I feel that the elementary lessons had been the most efficient and effective. Bunka uses their own textbooks to teach (elementary levels), and that method has built up my foundation really well. Having a small class helps too! I never had a class more than 15. Learning Japanese could be really fun!

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Tho Shu Ling’s Review posted on 29/7/2012