[5 August 2021 Update] Resumption of Bunka Language School's In-Person Classes

Dear Bunka Student,

It is with deep regret that we inform you of the decision to delay the opening of in-person courses to the 16th of August 2021(Monday). This is due to a positive case of COVID detected on the 1st level in the Delfi Orchard building in Starbucks. This difficult decision was made after long and deep deliberation by the board of directors.

We always have our student’s safety as our top priority. In the meantime, Delfi Orchard management has informed us that Starbucks will be doing their own sanitization.

In the meantime, the current prorated arrangement will continue.

We understand that everyone is looking forward to resuming in-person classes, and sincerely apologize for the disappointment caused due to this delay.

Lastly, we would like to get a sensing of what you feel about the situation. Please fill out this 2-question survey which will take you no more than 1 minute.

Bunka Language School Pte Ltd

[27 July 2021 Update] Bunka's Policy Response to COVID-19 with effect from the 10th of August 2021

Dear Bunka student,

We understand that with the recent spike of cases in Singapore, you may be having doubts about attending classes in-person. We will maintain our plan to reopen in person classes from 10th August, and have stepped up on the school’s SOP on safe management.

Rest assured that Bunka strictly follows the Government’s Safe Management Measures when we resume in-person. Bunka will also continue to observe the current situation and will make the necessary changes where applicable.

Safe Management Measures in Bunka in line with the Government’s

  1. Students are seated 1m apart & we have table shields Installed on each table.
  2. No group works to minimise contact.
  3. Staggered class schedule to allow adequate time to disinfect classroom surfaces and to avoid gathering of individuals inside or outside the school.
  4. Water dispensers have been replaced with pre-packaged bottled water to avoid unnecessary gathering in one area / minimize contact points.
  5. All tables are wiped down with sanitizing agents before and after class.
  6. Hand sanitizers are made available in each classroom & reception counter.
  7. Eating in Bunka’s premises is not allowed. However, drinking is allowed but please put back your mask as soon as you finish drinking, and avoid speaking to anyone while you are unmasked.
  8. Classroom ventilation: The classroom doors will be left slightly ajar and the fans will be switched on to allow better circulation of air.
  9. Health declarations: Students who are placed in any of the following orders will not be permitted to enter Bunka. Students who are unwell and display respiratory symptoms are advised to leave Bunka and see a doctor immediately.
    • Leave of Absence
    • Approved Absence
    • Stay Home Notice
    • Home Quarantine Order
  10. All students and staff will be required to check in using the TraceTogether App / Token.

Thank you
Bunka Management

[13 July 2021 Update] In-person Classes Resuming From The 10th Of August 2021, Tuesday!

Hi everyone!

We understand that you might be uncertain about when Bunka is going to starting offline classes. But we have AWESOME news for you. Our physical classes going to be back on the 10th of August 2021.

In the meantime, we have your back and are giving all in-person classes that are running online, Pro-rated Lesson Amount (based on the original price difference) that you can use for your next class!

For Quality, Highly Engaging and Safe in-person classes, register now with Bunka at https://bit.ly/RegisterWithBunka!

Thank you
Bunka Management

[8 July 2021 Update] The Resumption Of Classes In-person

Dear Bunka students

This is an update with regards to the 7th July COVID-19 announcement from the government. It is Bunka’s intention to place our students’ safety at the highest priority, as well as to provide the highest quality of education for our students.
The management team has decided that we will work towards reopening in-person classes in line with the government’s moves towards the new normal.

When the government relaxes the work from home restrictions, Bunka will aim to reopen our in-person classes together with this relaxation of rules. The government has indicated that this may occur sometime between the end of July and August 9th.
We would like to stress that this is something that we are working towards, and by no means is a confirmation as there are many various factors in play.

Once again we thank everyone for your support and patience. We look forward to seeing you again very soon in person!

Yours sincerely
Bunka Language School

[2 July Announcement] Pro-rated Credit For All Affected In-person Classes

Dear Bunka students

After further discussions regarding the pro-rated fee arrangement that Bunka announced on 28 June 2021, Monday, we are glad to inform you that it will now apply to all students who continued to attend the in-person classes online; all of our in-person classes were converted online since 18 May 2021, Tuesday.

This is how the pro-rated credit amount will be calculated. Please note that the amount will only be confirmed after your class ends or once Bunka resumes in-person.


Calculation for Elementary to Intermediate classes:

Pro-rated credit amount = (Original course fee of in person class – Online Price) / total number of lessons in that course x number of lessons conducted online


For Pre-Advanced to Business Japanese courses, as we do not have online classes originally, the pro-rate credit amount will be calculated this way.


Calculation for Pre-Advanced to Business Japanese classes:

Pro-rated credit amount = (Original course fee of in person class – 90% of the original course fee of in person class) / total number of lessons in that course x number of lessons conducted online


We would like to everyone for the feedbacks you have shared with us and for your continued support during this period. We will continue to work on providing you great service to the best of our ability.


Yours sincerely
Bunka Language School

[28 June 2021 Update] Pro-Rated Fee Announcement

Dear Bunka students

Good day!

We have received a few requests and inquiries regarding the course fee difference between our online & in-person classes.

Bunka’s management has had their discussion earlier and has come up with the following options you may want to consider instead of opting for a refund:

1. We will pro-rate the fees for the lessons that you attended online, and these extra credits can be put on hold until you decide to utilize them.

These credits on hold:
• Have no expiry
• Can be used for your next group class registration

Please note we can only finalise the pro-rated fee after your class ends or once we have resumed our classes in person.

Also, this pro-rated credit arrangement is applicable to new classes that started from 18 June onwards.

Bunka Language School

[18 June 2021 Update] In-person classes to continue online until further notice

Dear Bunka students

We hope you are doing well. After careful consideration with regards to the government’s latest announcement (18 June 2021, Friday), Bunka Language School has decided that all in-person classes will continue to be conducted online until further notice. This is inline with the government’s guidelines to strongly discourage in-person classes. It will also serve to ensure that our students and staff are safe.

Please be informed that students can now collect the learning materials from the school only on Saturdays and Sundays, 10 AM to 5:30 PM starting from 26th June, Saturday. New students who wish to take the placement test (written) may also come down on those days. For students who have recently made payment for upcoming classes, rest assured that we can still place your payment on hold.

You can reach us via email at course@bunkalang.com or through our social media platforms should you require further assistance.

Bunka Language School

[14 June 2021 Update] Resumption of In-person Classes from 21st June 2021, Monday

Dear Bunka students

We hope everyone is doing well. In accordance to the recent announcement from the government on the 11th of June regarding Phase 3 (heightened alert), we are glad to inform you that Bunka will be resuming all in-person classes at Bunka’s premise from 21st of June 2021, Monday, onwards.

For new in-person classes that started/will start online between 18th of May 2021 and 20th of June 2021, another email will be sent to you to inform you of the classroom venue of your next lesson (lessons from 21st June 2021 onwards). Please note that the admin counter will also resume in-person operations from 21st of June 2021, Monday, onwards.

Thank you for your continued support, and we’ll see you very soon!

Yours sincerely
Bunka Language School

[8 June 2021 Update] No Textbook Collection Till Further Notice

Dear Bunka Students,

We hope everyone is well and are in good health.
Please note that the admin team is currently working from home at the moment, so all collections of the materials will resume hopefully from 14th June onwards or when the government has decided that schools can operate in-person again.

Thank you for your kind understanding, and stay safe!

$50 Class Credit To All Active Students (31 May 2021)
Dear Bunka student,
We thank you for your patience and support thus far. The COVID period has been a really tough time for all of us.
As we try to strike a balance between what the government requires from us and what is best for the student body, we have decided to give $50 class credit to all active students between 17 May and 13 June (as long as you are registered in a class during this period). These credits can be used for your next continuation class and have a validity of 6 months (until 13 December 2021). This credit is not transferable. 
This serves as a manner of compensation as well as a token of appreciation for your patience and understanding. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your Japanese learning journey.

All you need to do is when you sign up for your next class let us know that you would like to use the credits, and we will apply this discount for you.

For students who prefer PayPal as their preferred payment method, please select Nets/Cash as your preferred payment method and inform us. We will then send you the discounted Paypal link.

Feel free to email us at course@bunkalang.com should you require further assistance. Thank you and stay safe!
Bunka Language School
Bunka’s Response to Phase 2 - Heightened Alert (17 May 2021)

Dear Students,

May this email find you well and safe.

As you may have known, MOE has issued a notice for schools and education centres to default to online class arrangements. As such, we will do our part and shift all classes online from tomorrow, 18 May onwards.

Students will be given the zoom meeting link and class materials via email before their classes as soon as we can. We advise students to not come to school for the printed version of the materials so as to reduce contact as much as possible.

Please note that the admin counter will be closed from 19th May onwards. You may drop us an email if you have further queries regarding this matter.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this sudden change and we thank you for your understanding during these trying times.

Stay safe and healthy!

Yours sincerely,

Bunka Language School

Bunka Announcement (14 May 2021)

Dear Bunka students,

With regards to the latest COVID announcement from the government on the 14th of May 2021, please be informed that we have checked with MOE and they have advised us to await further announcements from the Multi Ministry Task Force regarding the current situation. This means that all of our in-person classes will still be conducted as per normal at Bunka’s premise.

Rest assured that our in-person classes are in compliance with the current measures put up by the government. Should there be any changes to the measures that affect our in-person classes, the student body will be informed as soon as possible. Do keep a look out for our announcements via email, through our Social Media platforms or website.

Website Announcement Page: https://www.bunkalang.com/announcements/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BunkaLanguageSchool
Instagram: https://www.facebook.com/BunkaLanguageSchool

Yours Sincerely,
Bunka Language School

No changes to in-person classes (5 May 2021)

Dear Bunka Students

With the recent announcement from the government, please be informed that we are compliant with the phase 2 measures put up by the government. Hence, there are no changes to our in-person classes, the classes will still be conducted in Bunka’s premises.

With that in mind, let’s do our part in keeping each other safe and healthy. Remember to mask up and practise safe-distancing!

Also, do keep a look out for our announcements on Facebook/Instagram/School Email/School site.

Feel free to call us at 67373601 should you require further assistance. Thank you and have a nice day.

Best Regards
Bunka Language School

Revision of Course Fees (28 April 2021)

Dear Bunka Students

Thank you for the continued support throughout these years. 2020/2021 has been a challenging year not only for Bunka but for many other businesses as well.

COVID has greatly affected our intake capacity, in turn, greatly affecting our business revenue. After great deliberation, the management has decided that a small increase in class fees will need to be put in place in order to secure Bunka’s survival.

With effect from 1st June 2021 10 AM, we will implement an across-the-board increase in our course fees due to the aforementioned.

Please make payment for the next course you have registered for under the current rate by 31st May 2021. The discount entitlements in the loyalty cards remain and our in-person courses are still SkillFuture credit claimable.

Please feel free to contact us at 6737 3601 or course@bunkalang.com should you have any queries.

Your Bunka Language School Team

New Elementary 1, 2 hours classes! (30 March 2021)

Dear Bunka students

We’re glad to inform you that our online 2 hour classes are back! Not only that, both the 2 hour & 3 hour online E1 classes are discounted, $198 & $298 respectively.

Yours sincerely,
Bunka Language School

Online Replacement Classes (23 March 2021)

Dear Bunka students

After receiving feedback from students and due to limited online replacement class schedules, with effect from 5th of April 2021, Bunka will be providing the recordings to students who miss any online lessons upon request instead of providing replacement classes.

Please note that these recordings can be accessed for at least 1 week and can be extended. If a student(s) is really in need of attending an actual class, please inform Bunka’s admin at course@bunkalang.com and we will do our best to make an arrangement.

Yours sincerely,
Bunka Language School

Students using SkillsFuture (5 March 2021)

Students using SkillsFuture, please take note.

If students were to miss lessons, it is a “MUST” to give us the reason because this is what the audit committee would want to know. Every lesson must be accounted for. Students who do not attain 75% of the total attendance may risk their funding to be recovered by WDA.

Students will have to go for the replacement class within 60 calendar days from initial course run end date they were enrolled in.

 Yours sincerely,
Bunka Language School

Elementary 1 Online Class Promotion! (2 October 2020)

Hi everyone!

If you have been thinking about learning Japanese amidst your busy schedule, then this is an announcement that you want to pay attention to.

Ever since COVID struck, online learning has become a norm. Bunka has also started Elementary online classes and we are running an promotion for E1 classes. Until the end of 2020, our E1 online classes will be prices at only $298.

To ensure that you do not miss out on any classes, we have added a NEW FEATURE for our online classes – UNLIMITED FREE replacement classes. This means that you no longer have to worry about your busy schedule! These replacement classes will allow for you to sit in and listen to the classes that you missed. You will also be able to ask questions via the zoom chat. However, to be fair to the actual registered students of that class, you will not be allowed to participate in the speaking practices.

Here’s a quick summary:
– E1 Online now at $298
– Unlimited free online replacement classes
What are you waiting for! Check out our schedules via this link.


Yours sincerely,
Bunka Language School

Replacement Classes Opened For Booking (14 August 2020)

Dear Bunka students

Please be informed that our replacement classes are finally opened for booking!

To book for a replacement class, please log in to your Bunka account. If you encounter any problem with booking classes, please let us know via email at course@bunkalang.com or you may call us at 6737 3601.

Yours sincerely,

Bunka Language School

Announcement: Upgraded safety measures at Bunka (21 July 2020)

Dear Bunka students

We’re finally making the transition into phase 2 and we thank you so much for filling out the Bunka Reopening Survey!

We take our feedback very seriously and thus, here are the new patch notes for Bunka 2020.07.21

  1. We have rearranged the seating arrangement, keeping our students 1m apart.
  2. Installed table shields on each table.
  3. Appealed to Delfi Management to have the level 5 gents accessible without key.
  4. Staggered class schedule.
  5. We have now provided extra hand sanitizers for each classroom.
  6. Water dispensers have been replaced with pre-packaged bottled water to avoid unnecessary gathering in one area / minimize contact points.

Once again, thank you for sharing your feedback with us, and we look forward to serving you for many more years to come! 

Stay safe and healthy!

The Management
Bunka Language School Pte Ltd

Bunka Is Now Reopen (4 July 2020)

Dear Bunka students

We hope this announcement finds you well. We would like to thank you for your continued support and kind understanding. 

With regards to the email received by SkillsFuture, yesterday, 29th of June, we are glad to inform you that the classes that were put on hold will be resuming from this Saturday, 4th of July, onwards.

Each class will continue on (where you had your last online session) in physical class. Therefore, if the online session was lesson 6, physically it will continue onto Lesson 7. If you have missed any of the official classes online, you may book replacement classes.

Due to limited slots, bookings of replacement classes will be put on hold until further notice. Please refer to the blue text below for further instructions and schedules class allocation:

Japanese Elementary 1 – Ms Ashida – Monday : 6:45 pm to 9:45 pm – 10 weeks – February 3, 2020 lesson 8 will be on [INSERT DATE] at Bunka, [INSERT CLASSROOM] until the course ends/lesson #.

Rest assured that Bunka will still be adhering to the government’s safety measures. We will continue to conduct temperature screenings for all of our staff and students. We will also ensure that each individual will keep a safe distance of at least 1m from others.

Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding during these trying times.

Stay safe and healthy!

Yours sincerely,

Bunka Language School

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