10 Reasons Why You Should Study Japanese

2015 is wrapping up in a few days’ time. We hope that you have enjoyed your lessons in Bunka so far. Language learning is a lifelong journey and interest plays a very important part in sustaining one’s motivation. There is a saying that if you understand your “whys”, the “hows” and “whats” will somehow fill the gap. Here is a list of 10 reasons why you should study Japanese :

1. Enter the world of JapXcitement
Knowing the language will help you access Japanese popular culture and traditions in their original form. Anime, Bunka, Cha-do, Drama, Zen… the list is non-exhaustive. You will be able to immerse yourself in the beauty and colour of all things Japanese.

2. Bilingual or Tri-lingual = an EDGE over others
Learning languages boosts your employability and is beneficial salary-wise. In the highly competitive job market, your additional skill of knowing Japanese sets you apart from other applicants.

3. Break the “hard to reach” Japanese market
Learning the Japanese language will allow you to delve deeper into understanding socio-cultural trends and business etiquette. This will help you greatly in your business dealings with the Japanese.

4. Experience Japan like a local
If you know the language and explore Japan own your own, your travel experience will be much more enjoyable and satisfying as you can communicate with the locals.

5. More than a Facebook friend
You study and interact with like-minded people in your class. Your social circle gets wider.

6. I’m not a frog in a well
Knowing other languages and cultures gives you the unique opportunity to broaden your mindset and perspective on life.

7. Go beyond language ability
Knowing one more language enhances your cognitive development in terms of mental flexibility, creativity and higher-order thinking skills to help you cope better in a fast-changing world.

8. It may benefit my parents / grandparents too
Learning Japanese language pushes your mental capacities to the limit. The constant brain stimulation helps to keep away degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. You may want to encourage your parents / grandparents to learn Japanese too.

9. It’s not as hard as you think
The Japanese language has adopted Chinese ideographs in its kanji writing system. People who already know Chinese will find that learning Japanese can be much faster and simpler than they think.

10. Yatta! I did it!
Your hard work and discipline will pay off when you are able to understand and use Japanese as a communication tool. Give yourself a pat on the back and shout “やったぁ~!”.

Joe Tan
The Bunka Team
26th Dec 2015