Bunka Totebag and Notebook

In our last post, we talked about Sakura-chan and Taiyou-kun. This week, we will talk about our tote bag and notebook. Students who had participated in our Bunka Charity Matsuri in August 2015 and had purchased the $50 ticket received the tote bag and notebook. The proceeds from the sale of the tickets were donated to the Children’s Charities Association of Singapore. A Big “Thank You” to all of you!

From after the Charity Matsuri onwards, all our new E1 students get the tote bag and note book for free. The  process of designing  the tote bag and notebook took a very long time as we had a hard time deciding on which design to use. In the end, we decided that we should use a fun and trendy design.

This is what it looks like :

Bunka Merchandise



The Bunka Team
2nd March 2016