Career Seminar with Bunka and RGF Friends

Career Seminar with Bunka and RGF Friends

28th March, 2018, was no ordinary Wednesday evening. We eagerly made my way to Bunka Language School to join a dozen other young, working adults for an exclusive ‘class’…


Insight into Japanese Workplace Culture – Is it right for you?

Our highly-anticipated ‘teachers’, Keita Fujisaki and Sara Hikaru McIntyre, were professional consultants from Recruit Global Family (RGF), the international brand of Japan’s largest recruitment services company!

We settled down in a classroom set up round-table style, with notebooks and refreshments thoughtfully placed at each seat. The turn-out was interestingly diverse; there were ladies and gentlemen hailing from industries as dissimilar as logistics, law, investment, science, and creative trades.

But everybody was clearly here for the same reason – we were keen to develop our career along with our knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.

Time passed swiftly during the thirty-minute presentation. We listened intently as Keika and Sara introduced the business operation phases of Japanese companies and explained the increasing demand for Japanese speakers in the job market.

RGF illustrates how the majority of Japanese companies are moving into the localisation phase.


The experienced consultants then delved more deeply into a company’s hiring process. We learned about recruitment purposes and ideals such as a receptive attitude and the unique value which non-Japanese can bring to a Japanese company i.e. bridging different cultures through communication skills.

In a thought-provoking twist, they also offered sound advice for job searches and decision-making, prompting us to consider our own motives. Were we seeking a career, a vocation, or merely a job to put money in our pockets?

Relevant advice for job-seekers were provided.

As soon as their presentation was concluded, the audience enthusiastically began bombarding the consultants with questions. Keita and Sara were as knowledgeable as they were patient, expertly fielding questions for nearly an hour!

The friendly pair enlightened us on unspoken rules (e.g. reading between the lines), shared personal experiences (e.g. the benefits of job security), and discussed common perceptions of the Japanese corporate environment (e.g. glass ceilings) with frankness. What a rare chance for all of us to speak our minds and clear our doubts!

As with all good things, the seminar had to be brought to an end. Namecards were exchanged, and promises to keep in touch were made.

The insights we had gleaned into Japanese workplaces were invaluable. But my favourite takeaway was that times were changing, and opportunities growing. The future is bright for Japanese culture and language learners indeed!