Do you know…

Did you know

Some of you have been Bunka students for a couple of years, while some of you might be with Bunka for just a short while. No matter how long you have been a student with Bunka, the fact is that many of us do not read the terms and conditions. Sometimes, we do read but our mind actually filters out things we think are not important. Most of the time, we simply scroll all the way down to the bottom and click “I agree”. The question is: what are you agreeing with?

That is probably the reason why we get different questions and requests from students, even though some of those have been addressed in the T&C when students signed up for the course. And yes, every time when you register for the next course.

Today, I will reframe the T&C in a different way – in a light-hearted way – and hopefully, the message will be put across more effectively!

Do you know:

  1. General
    a. No refund is allowed.
    b. No transfer of classes is allowed.
  1. Registration
    a. You have to register online.
    b. You can register for the next level from the 6th lesson onwards.
  1. Payment
    a. You have to make payment at least one week before the course start date.
  1. Replacement Lessons
    a. You will get three free replacement lessons.
    b. You can book the replacement lessons online. 

    3c. The promo code for the free replacement lesson is “Bunka” (the example is shown above)


  1. Cultural Events
    a. You can join the cultural events organised once every seven weeks.
    b. Tickets are limited and sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  1. DVD and Book Library
    a. You can borrow DVDs and books from our library.


  1.  Social Media
    a. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.
  1. Noticeboard
    a. You can get new information on the noticeboard in the classrooms.

Alright! That is all. Thank you for your attention.



Joe Tan
The Bunka Team
13 January 2016