Interview with Ms Nakamura

Today, we bring you an interview with Ms Nakamura (NM), one of the newer additions to the Bunka family.  She is sweet and kind, and we hope you like her as much as we do. If you want to know more about her, do check out this interview!

Q: Why did you choose to work at Bunka?

NM: (laughs) Why? I wanted a job in Singapore, so I chose Bunka.


Q: What do you do on your day off?

NM: Day off? Oh, I do cooking, and I watch movies. I like Harry Potter, fantasy.


Q: What do you miss about Japan?

NM: I miss the food. (laughs) Japanese food here is very expensive. Hmm… I don’t like that it is hot here. Now, in Japan, it is winter. Very cold.


Q: What are your favourite places in Singapore?

NM: Hmm… sou desu ne… Jurong East? I like to go shopping.


Q: Have you learned any Singlish words?

NM: Singlish? No. I am learning British English. When I finish, next, I will learn Singlish. It is very difficult. “Huh? Sorry, sorry.”

Q: What’s your favourite local food?

NM: I like kueh teow, and chicken rice.


Q: How about your least favourite?

NM: Least favourite? Hmm… durian. I don’t like durian.


Q: Have you tried it?

NM: Mm, yes. And the smell… (makes a face) Singapore food, I like everything. Only not durian.


Q: What are your hobbies?

NM: Hobby? (laughs) Hobby… I read manga, Naruto? I like Naruto. I am watching Rurouni Kenshin now.


Q: Where is your hometown?

NM: Yokohama.


Q: If anyone were to visit Yokohama, what would you recommend to them?

NM: Hmm… Yokohama, ne… Ah, we have Chinatown in Yokohama. And it is near the sea. Yes, the sea.


Q: Do you have any interesting incidents during your stay in Singapore?

NM: I only came to Singapore this month (January), so… nothing.


Q: What is different between Singapore and Japan?

NM: Ah, the Japanese shop’s staff are very… kind. Kind… (pauses) shinsetsu? But Singaporean staff, just (makes nodding motion) “Ah, ah, ah.” Ato ha… in Hawker centers, when you finish your food, sono mama… You… leave it there? But in Japan, you have to return it.


Q: What message do you have for students learning Japanese?

NM: Hmm… Japanese is difficult, but it is very interesting. If you learn Japanese, you can read manga and watch anime. Ganbatte kudasai.

Ms Nakamura is new to Singapore, so if you have any recommendations for her, please do leave a comment! Also, to all her students, please be kind to her!