ISI(International Study Institute) Japanese Language School – 2019 courses

Hello Bunka Students and Visitors who are interested in studying in Japan!

ISI(International Study Institute) Japanese Language School is a Japanese language school offering short-term and long-term courses with four campuses around Japan, and they are located in Takadanobaba, Ikebukuro, Kyoto and Nagano. The students of ISI are multinational with all of them coming from different parts of the world.

The courses offered in ISI caters to different types of students, from individuals who would like to enjoy Japan while studying to individuals who are studying with the intention of furthering their studies in a college or university in Japan. Students in the long-term courses are given the choice to take on elective classes in various focused areas.

Additional information on the scholarships offered and other details can be found on the school’s website.

Interested individuals may wish to visit their website or Facebook page to find out more or you can drop by our counter to take a copy of their booklet.

Please click here for the school manual for 2019 regarding the application procedure, requirements/admission criteria, fees, accommodations and course information.

For further inquiries or more information please contact Ms FURUKAWA Momo at