JLPT-ed, what’s next?

Hey friends of BUNKA! For those who have attended the JLPT on December 4, 2016, let’s celebrate that it is now finally over!

No matter whether it was as easy as a breeze, or it went beyond control, let’s just put it all behind us. Give yourself a pat on your shoulder for all the hard work throughout the past few months with the phrase “おつかれさまでした (otsukaresama deshita)”!

Well, it could feel a little empty after all. You have worked so hard on it (maybe not), and it was over sooner than you expected. What should you do next before your results are out?

After a long and tiring day at work, the Japanese often want to relieve stress or treat themselves for the accomplishments they have achieved in the day. Why don’t we do the same with our friends after the JLPT?!

Izakaya (居酒屋), better known as Japanese pubs, are the places to head to in the evenings to chill with your colleagues or friends over a couple of drinks and some simple but awesome Japanese street-style dishes such as えだまめ (edamame, or Japanese boiled green soybeans) and からあげ (karaage, or Japanese popcorn-chicken).

What could compare to that rewarding gulp of beer together with those taste bud-teasing food?! Sounds good, ain’t it? Don’t forget to shout out the phrase “かんぱい (kampai)” when you clink your beer mug with your friends!

No worries if you are on diet before the Christmas break. Karaoke (カラオケ), a popular leisure event in Singapore, is also where the Japanese would go for some fun after work or school. A variety of J-pop songs are available at the following karaoke places:

Cash Studio:


Shake the tambourines and move your body if you would like to try out the Japanese way of enjoying karaoke. It will be a good workout!

Most importantly, don’t forget to check your results after all that partying. The JLPT online results for the December test are usually released in late January to early February of the following year. You might not receive emails notifying you that your result is ready so it is recommended that you check the JLPT official website regularly (click here)

Curious about which parts of the test you excelled in and which parts needed a little more effort? A Score Report containing a detailed breakdown of each component, including grammar, vocabulary, reading and listening, will be sent to you through mail.

It should reach you around March 2017 together with your certificate if you have passed the test. For more information, please refer to the JCS website (click here).

After you have a rough idea of where you stand, it is never too late to reflect on what you should do for your next step in Japanese learning.