Q&A with Ms Saito

Ms Saito
Ms Saito


Ms Saito, who is from Tokyo, has been with us for 2 years. She is always smiling, and has a gently yet lively personality. Read on to find out more about her 🙂

Why did you choose to work at Bunka?

I wanted to have experience teaching Japanese in an English-speaking Asian country. Since Singapore is a multi-national country, it seems like an interesting place to do that. It was a good timing when I chanced upon Bunka’s advertisement, and I decided to seize the opportunity.

What do you do on your day off?

Recently, I started learning French. I have individual lessons at a coffee shop near my place. It’s an interesting language. I did French when I was in school but since I graduated, I stopped using the language. So, I wanted to start learning again. I want to be able to enjoy watching French movies and talk to my French friends. For the first one and a half years in Bunka, I was busy preparing lessons, but now that it’s getting better, I could start on French again 🙂

Ms Saito

What do you miss about Japan?

I miss Yakiniku. I also miss Japan’s scenery and the peaceful countryside. I’m from Tokyo, but after my father retired he moved to the countryside and started farming. I miss visiting him at the countryside.

Where is your current favourite hangout?

Raffles Place. It’s the center of Singapore’s economy – there are many office workers from all over the world and I am quite fascinated by that.

What “Singlish” words have you learnt so far?

I didn’t really pick up any Singlish, but the different intonations, the mixture of different languages and dialects are quite interesting to listen to.

Ms Saito


What is your favourite local food?

Char Siew Wanton Noodle. Twice or thrice a week, I will buy it from Isetan’s Food Republic. The chef remembers my order and gives me extra spring onions ^^
If you have any good recommendations, please tell me!

How about your least favourite food?

I don’t like Laksa. I don’t like coconut mixed with spices. To me, coconut should be sweet.

Do you have any hobby(ies)?

I love musicals, ballets, movies, etc. Sometimes I attend concerts and shows at MBS and Esplanade. I also like learning about the French culture.

What will you recommend to people who are planning a visit to Tokyo?

Walk around Kagurazaka – it is near Iidabashi. There are many nice restaurants and cafes. It also has a few geishas, and a famous shrine.

Ms Saito

Tell us about one interesting incident during your stay in Singapore.

I went to a local wedding for the first time earlier this month! It was at Fullerton Hotel. I had Bird’s Nest soup for the first time and it was delicious. I felt really happy for my student, and it was a nice surprise when he gave his speech in Japanese. It really touched me.

What message would you like to leave to students who are currently learning the Japanese language?

Try writing about your own stories and experiences in a diary in Japanese. Also, it is good to use more Japanese when speaking even outside of lessons. 

Ms Saito

Ms Saito: Thank you for always studying hard!