Q&A with Ms. Shinada

Q&A with Ms. Shinada
Hello! ^^
Hello! ^^


As some of you may have already known, a new teacher has joined Bunka!

Ms Shinada is from Osaka. We had a Q&A session with her – check it out below 🙂

Why did you choose to work at Bunka?

When I was at Bunka’s website, I found out that Bunka not only teaches the Japanese language, but also holds Japanese cultural events. That fascinated me.

What do you do on your day off?

Cleaning my room, washing clothes and simple cooking. I also prepare for lessons. Yesterday, I went to a book cafe at Clarke Quay. I really liked it!

What should I buy...
What should I buy…


What do you miss about Japan?

The four seasons, especially the changing of seasons. I feel that Singapore’s weather is too warm for me.

I also miss the stars in Japan’s skies. In Singapore, you can’t see any stars at night 🙁

Where is your current favourite hangout?

I don’t have one yet…

What “Singlish” words have you learnt so far?

“Can?” “Can!” “Can~” I have learnt how to use them quite well ^^  

Can I have a tall Iced Vanilla latte please?
Can I have a tall Iced Latte please?


What is your favourite local food?

I love both the white and black versions of Hokkien Mee.

How about your least favourite food?

I don’t have one (yet)… I usually bring food to work – steamed rice and ready-made food from supermarkets – and warm them up. Once a week, I buy Dumpling Noodle from Orchard Towers.

Do you have any hobby(ies)?

I love Anime, Manga, J-pop and star-gazing! I really like One Piece, and my favourite character is Sanji ^^

What will you recommend to people who are planning a visit to Osaka?

Universal Studios Japan! Every Summer, there is a One Piece stage show and Sanji’s restaurant. In Autumn, the theme is Halloween, and zombies will walk around scaring people. In Winter, there are Christmas parades and a biiiiig Christmas tree. This Spring, the theme was Shingeki No Kyoujin. I really like Universal Studios! I even have a yearly pass 😀



Tell us about one interesting incident during your stay in Singapore.

At Orchard Towers, I wanted to order Dumpling Noodle, but for 3 times, I didn’t get what I ordered. I wanted Dumpling Noodle with soup and chilli. In the end, for 2 times, I got dry noodles with chilli, and 1 time I got soup but without chilli 🙁 I will try again next week.

What message would you like to leave to students who are currently learning the Japanese language?

Please have fun learning the Japanese language with Bunka! がんばりましょう! 

Ms Shinada:  よろしくおねがいします。