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People in Japan: Siao Shuen

Those travelling to Shinjuku would discover an array of towering buildings and massive amounts of human traffic. Unbeknown to many, beyond the crowds of people milling through the railway station lies the main campus of Waseda University. That’s where Siao Shuen is currently majoring in…

Interview with Ms Hasegawa

Interview with Ms Hasegawa

When we first met Hasegawa-sensei, we thought our hearts would die of an overdose of sweetness. Born in Tokyo, she majored in communication studies and speaks fluently in English. We cannot stop to admire this placid disposition of hers – Hasegawa-sensei, please teach us the…

Interview with Ms Kato

Interview with Ms Kato

The day before we sat down for an interview with Kato-sensei, we had a stroll in the vicinity of the school. Chancing upon an information board at the edge of a butterfly trail, there was a twinkle in Kato-sensei’s eyes as she asked, “where are…

Green Tea

のどがかわいたので、じどうはんばいきで りょくちゃをかいました。  りょくちゃが あまくて とてもびっくりしました。  にほんのりょくちゃは あまくありません。  びっくりしましたが、ぜんぶのみました。  おいしかったので、また のみたいとおもいます。    ほかにもいろいろなのみものをのんでみたいです。    なかむら

5 things you missed if you didn’t go for AFA 2016

As it has been for many years, this year’s Anime Festival Asia (AFA) took place in the cavernous halls 401 and 402 of Suntec City Convention Centre. The activities were straightforward – you could buy your fill of anime goods, marvel at the display of…

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わたしも、わたしのせいとも Elementary-1 のきょうかしょに でてくる ピンクの イルカが すきです。 こんど、すいぞくかんへ、みにいこうと おもいます。 なんば みほ