Who are they? Sakura-chan and Taiyoo-kun

Have you ever wondered what (or who) the little Sakura flower with eyes and hands on the login page in your student portal is?

That is Sakura-chan, Bunka’s mascot since 2010 when we celebrated our 25th Anniversary. It is the winning entry from our “Bunka Mascot Design Competition”. She has since been on our website.

Here is a short write-up on our lovely Sakura-chan.

Sakura chan

What about Taiyoo-kun? The little “sun” in diapers with a big hairdo. You probably have seen him everywhere in Bunka – in the reception area, in the classrooms, in our 30th Anniversary commemorative magazine. In conjunction with our 30th Anniversary, the Bunka team brainstormed for a new mascot to tag-team with Sakura-chan. Ideas like Onigiri-kun, Momo-kun and even Momosumo (cannot be used because sumo is the name of the sport) were suggested. In the end, Billie came up with Taiyoo-kun.


If you want to find out more about Taiyoo-kun, just check with Billie when you come for class.

The Bunka Team
24th Feb 2016