Placement Test Information

Duration and format of test

  • Elementary 1 & Elementary 2 placement test (written) – 30 minutes
  • Elementary 3 to Intermediate 4 placement test (written) – 45 minutes
  • Pre-Advanced to Business Japanese placement test (oral) – 10 to 15 minutes

How do I schedule for a placement test with Bunka?

  • For Elementary 1 to Intermediate 4 written placement test, no appointment required as the test will be conducted online. You may drop us an email at course@bunkalang.com to schedule the test with us.
  • For Pre-Advanced to Business Japanese placement test, please email us at course@bunkalang.com
  • If you are not sure of what level to apply for, please refer to this link
  • Placement test result are only valid for one to three months.
  • If you are keen to join a class that is commencing in a week’s time, please note that it would be recommended to take the placement test utmost 9 days before the start date of the class or earlier, and the slots are on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please note that the PRElementary course is for total beginners with no background in Japanese.
Bunka Language School
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