Bunka Language School’s Elementary 1 to Intermediate 4 hybrid courses
are now Union Training Assistance Programme (UTAP)
AND SkillsFuture (Elementary 1 & 2 only) eligible! You can now use your SkillsFuture credit alongside the UTAP funding!

Please note that students who joined courses that started from 31 Sept 2022 onwards are eligible to submit the UTAP application. *Terms & Conditions Apply.

If you are an NTUC Member, you will get to enjoy this training benefit to offset your course fees at Bunka.

UTAP is a training benefit for NTUC members to defray their cost of training. This benefit is to encourage more NTUC members to go for skills upgrading.

NTUC members enjoy 50% *unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year when you sign up for courses supported under UTAP. NTUC members aged 40 and above can enjoy higher funding support up to $500 per individual each year.

Find out more here: https://e2i.com.sg/union-training-assistance-programme-utap/

How to claim?

Step 1: Click on ‘Search Course’ under the Skills Upgrade Available tab to find out if your course & training provider is supported under UTAP.

Step 2: Register for course with training provider and attend training. For course information and enrolment, please contact the training provider.

Step 3: Log in to your U Portal account to submit your UTAP application.

*To request for the necessary documents for claiming, please follow this link.
**Thereafter, once you have submitted the UTAP application, please send us a screenshot of it.

Please apply for your UTAP claim within 6 months after the course end. Late application will be rejected.
Note that you will be required to pre-pay for the amount that you are intending to claim under UTAP as UTAP only allows claimants to submit the claim once you have completed the course. As long as you meet the minimum of 75% attendance, UTAP will reimburse the amount you paid directly back to your acccount.

If you have any inquiries, you may contact us at course@bunkalang.com.

Who can apply?

All NTUC member can apply for UTAP. However, the following criteria must be met to be eligible for UTAP:

  1. Paid-up union membership before course commenced, throughout the whole course duration and at the point of claim.
  2. Course by training provider must be supported under UTAP, and training must commence within the supported period.
  3. Course must not be fully funded through company sponsorship or other types of funding.
  4. You must achieve a minimum of 75% attendance for each application and sat for all prescribed examination(s), if any.
  5. UTAP application must be submitted within 6 months after course completion.
How do I check my NTUC membership status?

You may check your NTUC membership status by calling 6213 8008 and select the following options:

  1. Press 1 for member
  2. Provide your NRIC number
  3. Press 1 again to check your membership status


  • To support your UTAP claim, you may be requested to submit a copy of your course certificate/tax invoice/statement of attendance via e-mail. Please ensure that you kept a copy of your supporting documents for audit checks when necessary.
  • Before applying for UTAP, please ensure your training commences within the supported period. Application of UTAP on training that starts after the expiry date will be rejected.
  • Only Ordinary Branch (OB), General Branch (GB) and OB/UCLUB members who are paying $117/year will be eligible.
  • Unfunded course fee refers to the balance course fee payable after applicable government subsidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my course has already started, can I still submit the UTAP application?

Yes, as long as you were already an NTUC member before the course commencement, and the course that you joined started from 31 September 2022 onwards, you will be eligible to submit the application.

Can Bunka submit the UTAP application for me?

Please note that the UTAP application can only be submitted by the claimant using their own NTUC Membership Account.

How do I utilize my SkillsFuture Credit & UTAP funding together?
  • If you are intending to utilize your SkillsFuture credits with the UTAP funding, please note that you will be required to:
  1. Log in to your SkillsFuture Credit account using your Singpass via http://www.skillsfuture.sg/credit.
  2. Search for the course that you have registered with Bunka.
  3. Submit the claim with the invoice that you have received from us.

You have up to 60 days before the course start date to submit your SkillsFuture claim. Kindly note that the funds will be disbursed directly to Bunka, so you do not have to make any other payments unless you are claiming partially.

Thereafter, once you have completed the course, you can proceed to submit your UTAP application.
For more information on how to submit a UTAP application, please go to the ‘How to claim?’ section.

How do I sign up for the NTUC membership?

Please follow this link to sign up.

Is there a limit to the number of courses that I can apply under UTAP?

You may apply for more than one course, for reimbursements up to the maximum cap allowed. The maximum claimable is capped annually at:

  • $250 for members below 40 years old
  • $500 for members aged 40 and above, where training must have commenced within 1st July 2020 to 31st December 2022
Can I choose the amount I want to claim from UTAP?

UTAP reimbursement is fixed at 50% of the course fees paid out-of-pocket, capped at $250 or $500 per calendar year (depending on member’s eligibility). Please refer to the payment amount made as indicated in the proof of payment (e.g. invoice or receipt) and key in accordingly.

What is the amount I should fill in for “Nett Course Fee Paid” during online application?

Nett Course Fee Paid refers to the out-of-pocket amount paid for course fee after deduction of all other subsidies (including SFC). This should be found in the proof of payment (e.g. invoice or receipt).

For Illustration Purpose Only:
Full Course Fees (before Subsidy): $420
Less Government Subsidy (e.g SkillsFuture) -$100
Course Fee Payable (after Subsidy): $320
Less UTAP Funding (50% of Course Fee payable after Government Subsidy): -$160
You Pay: $160
What are the documents required for a UTAP claim?

You are required to upload 2 documents to support the claim. These documents are essential as proof of course fee payment and completion before e2i can process any reimbursement:

  • Proof of payment (e.g.: Course Invoice / Receipt)
  • Proof of completion (e.g.: Certificate / Result Slip / Attendance record)
If my course start date is on the previous year but will end this year, which year will my UTAP balance be taken?

UTAP utilization is calculated based on the year the course commenced. If your course commencement date was in the previous year, you would be utilizing the previous year’s UTAP balance.

What should I do if I receive email notifications from NTUC that my application is not processed?

This could happen due to membership issues. You are either not an NTUC member at the point of application, or you could have membership arrears, or your membership could have expired.

Kindly follow the instructions from the email notification. If your application is not processed due to membership issues, please contact your respective union or NTUC Membership Hotline at 6213 8008. You may inquire with NTUC if you need to renew your membership or pay the arrears. Your application will be processed once your membership has been reinstated.

When can I receive my claims?

If you have completed your claim successfully and fulfilled the claim criteria, you should receive your claim(s) in 4 weeks after the submission of the relevant information. An email notification will be sent to you upon successful disbursement.

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